In a faraway land, many oceans from here, there was a ship that carried a large block of stone over many seas. From this one piece of earth the exterior walls, floors, fireplaces, benches and tables were adorned at the Medina residence. Upon deconstructing the large stone, a variety of sizes and shapes were created. We used the pebbles as the aggregate in the concrete floors that lie as a sea, physically connecting these various elements together. The shards that we a bit larger were stacked and clad the faces of water walls, a fire place and benches. The larger brick like stones we placed in a running bond at the larger fire place and kitchen. The clean cut slabs serve as large horizontal surfaces like the counter top and bench at the large fire place.

All that was left of our mountain of earth was a solid gem-like shape that rose out of the sea of pebbles it created. This glorious stone was capped by a cantilevered stone countertop that seemed to hang from the heavens.