In May 2011, a new formula for living was conceived. The project sought to study the relationship of form and nature by utilizing architecture to embrace and enhance the ocean breeze and sunset of Manhattan Beach. Modern geometries and clean lines collide volumetrically in this 3-bedroom, 3-bath home that sits atop a 4,640 square foot sloping lot. The final product features cantilevered planes, interlocking volumes and an open floor plan that provides for both an internal and external experience of the living space.

The exterior showcases a large gasket of reclaimed oak that houses the second-story bedrooms. This large volume of contrasting materiality extends beyond a vertical cast-concrete circulation component while remaining nestled into the garage volume. This thoughtful positioning creates the illusion that the edge of one space glides smoothly across the next. Functionally, it delivers second-story decking and sun shading.

The interior provides for seamless spatial transition on the first floor and “private” bed and bath areas on the second floor. Created to feel “public” through its openness, the entry, main living, dining area, and custom kitchen share two static and two dynamic walls that, when open, evolve into the aqua area of the home that is delineated by reclaimed wood decking. Here, a solar-heated saltwater infinity pool takes center stage while a swimsuit designer’s studio located at the rear of the property mimics the living area design by also incorporating the ability for complete exposure to the pool area through the use of sliding, floor-to-ceiling, glass doors.

Considerations for energy and water consumption were addressed by equipping the home with a solar heating system for both the pool and main water supply, a hydroponic radiant floor heating system, a reclaimed water system that captures and reuses all grey water generated on the site, and an 8KW photovoltaic array sufficient to power the entire residence and charge the owner’s electric cars.

All that was left of our mountain of earth was a solid gem-like shape that rose out of the sea of pebbles it created. This glorious stone was capped by a cantilevered stone countertop that seemed to hang from the heavens.