The goal of the South Lake Tahoe Floating Stage is to re-define the Lakeview commons amphitheater / concert experience. Currently, the concert goers experience live music from the park area and view the act performing on the sand. Motivated to dramatically enhance the experience, and create a concert setting that music enthusiasts would travel from far and wide to experience, we set out to design a floating performance stage. The floating stage is focused on creating a concert experience unlike any other. This unique experience will subsequently drive the economy with an influx of tourism, all while adding to the cultural sophistication on an artistic level.

We thought it would be an advantage for the community if this stage could become an iconic yet humble element during its dormant periods and transform on performance occasions.

During these dormant periods, the stage would be in a closed position, paying homage to the surrounding Sierra-Nevada mountain range by diffusing and reflecting its surrounding through its custom perforated metal panels. In plan, this symmetric form rotates around two specific points in order to transform into the community's performance sculpture.

In its active form the stage opens to the shore revealing an intergraded performance stage with lights, sound and performers. The vision of the “Bean” in Chicago by Anish Kapoor can’t help but come to mind when visualizing the iconic splendor of this future Tahoe design.